About Us

Austin a/c repair and heat repair

In 1989, we started Mr. Fix-It, Inc. We performed appliance and home repairs all over Austin. In 1991, we opened a small window unit shop in South Austin. We received our state license about 1994. Now, it's just HVAC and Commercial Refrigeration. Mr. Fix-It, Inc. operates more in the winter with an established customer base but Mr. Cool stays real busy all summer long.

Air conditioning and commercial refrigeration, it's just COOL. You can usually find me South of the river . We are an Austin Energy approved contractor (they provide huge rebates). It's fun to save people money and make a living at it too. It's neat to try to offer solutions or options the other guy hasn't thought of. I've installed "tons" of mini splits and special zone systems expertly. I have my own zoned system and 21 SEER mini-split with great comfort and savings. Can't get through? Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the phone and job, so leave a message and feel free to call back.

Remember, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease". Be Cool!